9 Visual Elements of a successful blog

Adrialp, October 12, 2016

Blogging is challenging. There is so much you need to consider: the content, title, SEO and so much more.

Sure, a lot of businesses and people write blog posts. But guess what, the majority of them get zero comments, zero readers, zero traffic and zero monetization. And why? Because they do the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.

First, you have to get to know your audience and focus on what they want to hear, not what you want to talk about. This is hard work.

But luckily there are a few visual elements that you can include in every post. They will improve your blog success. 



1. Logo

Your logo is the core of your brand identity. A well-designed logo can show a sense of professionalism without trying to visualise your brand.

Importance of logo design for blogging



2. Beautiful Images

A blog post without an image is like a postcard without a stamp. Content is probably the most important thing for search engines but you are writing for our audience not for crawlers.

beautiful images



3. Expose your (affiliate) products

Use featured products or product carousels (with more products) to showcase your picks and products with affiliate links. Beautiful product exposure with clear call-to-action buttons might just get better conversions, then classic links and pictures. Think of the store-like user experience.




4. Consistent Iconography

Define and use consistent iconography: elements, symbols, dialects, etc.

Blog Iconography


5. Blog Layout

Consider what would be the appropriate layout for your blog. A fashion blog can withstand a more unique and modern layout, while political blogs should mostly strive to be legible and neutral. If you want to stand out, a unique layout can be a great help.

Blog Layout


6. Social share buttons

Adding social share buttons to your blog is a necessary element to drive up traffic. Choose the three most appropriate social media channels for you.

Social Share for Blogging


7. Email subscription

Collecting emails is one of the most important things you need to do if you want to increase your traffic. You blogging platform/theme should support easy e-mail marketing platforms integrations (e.g. Mailchimp and others).



8. Photo-based posting

Often a photo can say more than words. Use a storytelling option where pictures are more exposed then words – appropriate for posts that cover social events or traveling.



9. Featured image

An image used as a preview when you post your blog post link to social media.  If you don’t provide a featured image you can expect lower click-through-rate.

Featured Image on Blog


So there you have it 9 elements of a successful blog post. Try following them and you will start to see better results. Happy blogging!