5 ways to monetize your blog

Adrialp, October 20, 2016

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you have a niche audience that fit a certain product type, like fashion, you should consider affiliate marketing for monetizing your blog. Why so? Because:

  • You don’t have to produce the product, you don’t have to distribute it or offer support.
  • You just expose the product to your audience (and provide a clear call-to-action link) in a contextual manner, like within a post, and anyone who buys it through your link will earn you a certain commission.
  • You can automate the monetization process and make passive income out of it.

Keep in mind that affiliate products have to be well exposed within blog post or somewhere on your home-page, like bellow the main post-exposure slider or in a side-bar. We recommend you to use either a widget, or a theme for product exposure in a form of carousel with pictures and links.




2. Selling Knowledge

If you have a specific knowledge about something specific, like sports programs for reaching certain goals. Or on how to combine your clothes to get that perfect outfit every single time. Or maybe on how to run Facebook Ads Campaign with higher ROI. If so, you should think of aggregating all that knowledge into a (well designed) e-book, and either sell it or exchange it for a user’s email (more on that in the next step).

On the other hand, you can sell video tutorials on platforms like Udemy and use your blog to promote these courses. Or if the topic is widely popular simply create a YouTube channel, promote the videos, and get paid by YouTube ads. But keep in mind – to get money from YouTube ads you have to first turn on the monetization feature first, and then gain a lot of traffic.


3. Sell Banner Ad Space

This strategy is good only if you generate A LOT of traffic. If not, think of it as a waste of your energy, because instead of keeping people reading your content, you’re sending them away. It’s like opening a library and then send everyone to the store next-door … unless you generate a lot of traffic to that store, and get paid for good for it, you’re just wasting your content.

Despite its popularity the traffic that you monetize through banner ads could be monetized much better if you’d sell them something directly, that fits your niche. For example, if you have a blog on everything about buying the perfect winter or summer tires, you shouldn’t just set up banner ads, but you should either set-up as an affiliate for tire-selling web shop, or maybe even set up your own and use blog as a promotion tool.


4. Newsletter Monetization


Sometimes the best strategy for monetization is simply collect your visitors emails. If you have a specific niche blog that offers genuinely interesting content you could ask your visitors if they’d like to be up-to-date, and gather their email. Even better is if you can offer something in return, like an e-book or something.

When someone gives you her or his email, it is a sign of true interest on blog’s topic. Therefore, promoting affiliate products within newsletter emails could generate much better CTR and conversion than the ones on your blog, because you only show it to the interested audience.


5. Offer consulting

If you cover specific professional topics like design, programming, marketing, fitness training, or something that people tend to struggle doing it by them-selves, you can offer consulting services. The best to do so is by being helpful before people contact you. Gain their trust before they decide to reach out to you. Provide them with valuable information, tips, tricks, offer e-book, record video tutorials, be active on your blog, etc. And last but not least, don’t forget to include a clear call-to-action in terms of additional help on the covered topic.